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Go Bag 2.0

This is a revision to the original post (here). This bag is a little more robust and should be in all members cars 24/7. It should come to training’s and also form the basic field/patrol kit. Even if you use a different bag the below would be your basic patrol battle rattle. Backpack Improved First Aid […]


Reflections on Puerto Rico

Great article on prepping. Worth reading. Key learning’s: Power is both an essential and a big security risk when you have it Having the ability to use propane, especially if you have a gasoline generator, strikes me as an excellent idea. only 1 week into the aftermath and there is already widespread breakdown of social […]


Dog Tags

This is a revision to our standard and a slight deviation from the state standard. Based on advice from our Medic on improving the ease of getting medical care we are making the below changes to improve the ability of care providers to find your health information. Your SSN is your best identifier but that […]


Land Nav Basic’s

Land Navigation is an essential skill for all Troopers. It is a highly perishable skill and needs to be practiced regularly. These are our unit requirements Basic land navigation orient/determine location on map by terrain association measure distance determine direction with/without compass shoot an azimuth and calculate the back azimuth identify topographic features/symbols on map


Route Recon

Definition– a directed effort to obtain detailed information of a specified route and all terrain from which the enemy could influence movement along that route. The recon/vanguard moves ahead of the main body in an effort to detect obstacles and threats. In the below picture the black line/arrow is the direction of travel of the main body. […]


Local Training Operations

Beginning in August 2017 we will be holding local group training once a month. The local groups are divided as follows-   Group A- St. Charles county, areas north of the Missouri River Group B- St. Louis county/City Group C- Franklin County, areas south of the Missouri River If you are new or interested in […]


Standard Comms Training and Equipment

Missouri 3/2 has implemented a standardized plan for radio communications. The chart found in the linked document gives step by step levels for getting on air and includes recommended models of gear. Beginning in 2017 acquiring and demonstrating use of level 2C will qualify the member for a HAM tab to be worn on their uniform.


First Aid Video Training Playlist

This is the training playlist from our Chief Medical Officer. This is a great thing to review on a regular basis.


Comms – Baofeng UV5R Test – Go-Bag

Most Missouri Militia units use the Baofeng UV5R for field communications. It is an affordable, tough radio. Check out the videos below. The first is a torture test for the UV5R, the second details a comms go-bag. For more information on Missouri Militia’s communications protocols and equipment recommendations, see the category “Comms” within our Smart […]


Uniform Standards

The Missouri Militia has adopted as its official uniform the Woodland Battle Dress Uniform, or Woodland BDU. A full set of fatigues includes a BDU jacket and pants. The BDU jacket has 4 pockets and is long-sleeved. BDU pants have 6 pockets, 2 in front, 2 in back and a cargo pocket on either side. Most BDUs do […]

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