• Ian

    Night patrol with a short live fire target shoot to capture a high value foriegn enemy paratrooper (paratrooper dies) then post security as we search a paratrooper for valuable intel as we treat a wounded patriot who suffered an injury to be determined by command ..simulate a short evac of wounded patriot have intel decipher recovered documents then mount a on the spot mission to exploit intel and stop a threat or capture the high value targets contact…….i know i havent gone to a utx before but if kept KISS this or something simular could be done…ian

    May 16, 2017
  • Kevin Paubel

    If we had enough members to make a showing at fall utx, we could do operation black box with a twist. BlueFor is tasked with acquiring an enemy black box from the plane crash, it is a long range patrol (overnight) operation. OpFor is tasked with retrieving the black box as well or intercepting BlueFor from completing it’s mission.
    Both teams would be competing to get to the plane crash via separate routes.
    Like I said, we need people to show up and participate to accomplish a training mission of this magnitude.

    May 16, 2017

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